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Thermostat Savings

Your Thermostat Settings

Thermostat Savings - Want to save money on your heating bill. Look no farther than your thermostat. This is the easiest and least expensive way to save money on energy costs in both the summer months as well as the winter.

It is as simple as resetting your thermostat for year round savings. You can do this manually, or save you time by installing a programmable thermostat. By using a programmable thermostat, you can adjust the times you turn on the heat or air-conditioning according to a preset schedule that you set up ahead of time. Depending on your programmable thermostat, you can typically store up to six different daily settings. You can always override these settings manually at any time.

For the winter months, you might set your thermostat to around 68 degrees as a target goal during the daytime hours, and set it lower at night while you are asleep or away from home. Try different settings to determine what comfort you have with different temperature settings.

In the summer months you can essentially use the same approach by keeping your home warmer while away to work or other places. Setting your thermostat to a target setting of 78 degrees when you are home, might be an ideal level of comfort for you.

Selecting a Thermostat for Thermostat Savings

Programmable thermostats come in either digital or electromechanical, or even a combination of the two. Selecting a digital thermostat provides the most features for programming multiple schedules and settings. In setting up your programmable thermostat, you first need to determine your sleeping and awake schedules. Set your cost saving temperature settings based on your awake and sleeping schedules. Also set your program for times that you are routinely away from your home, such as work or school.

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