Why Replace Your Old Air Conditioner With An Efficient One

Energy Efficient HomeMany homes today have old air conditioning and furnace equipment. They seem to still work okay, so the homeowners don’t feel motivated to upgrade. It is only when they break down that a homeowner will consider upgrading to a more efficient, energy-saving system. It is the unseen problems of an air conditioning or heating unit that you need to be concerned about.

Every year we hear of households in the news where the family was overcome and killed by carbon monoxide poisoning, with the root cause generally coming from a faulty furnace. Matter of fact, over 500 victims a year in the US die from this cause. Your family is precious, and needs to be safe-guarded from such a tragedy.

It is important to have your air conditioning and heating system checked annually. Cracks and loose pipes can appear from year to year. A central air specialist, like iRepair Heating and Air, can determine the safety of your unit, and advise you on the value of a new energy-efficient replacement.

Although there is an initial investment in switching over to a more energy-efficient cooling and heating system, overtime you’ll receive back your initial investment in heating and cooling savings.

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