What to do When Your Power Goes Out?

Power Outage - Salt Lake City

Power Outage

Being prepare before a power outage is important to make it more convenient when the power does go out. Power outages are usually caused by several factors; weather, construction, old or faulty equipment or an accident.

When the power does go out, sometimes it can be very inconvenient. So preparing ahead will help to endure the times when we have no lights, heating or air conditioning.

The following tips are important to follow:

  • During cold months, never use open flamed heaters, like kerosene or propane without good ventilation.
  • Layer up your body to stay warm. Wear a hat. Most heat loss from the body is from the head.
  • Use blankets or towels around windows and doors to keep the heat in.
  • Protect your water pipes by wrapping insulation around them.
  • Keep your faucets dripping to keep water from freezing.
  • Keep freezers and refrigerators closed to preserve the cold air inside the units.
  • If you have someone on some type of life support, always have a backup system in place that doesn’t require household electricity.
  • Store your flashlights in an easy accessible place to find in the dark.
  • Have food storage that doesn’t require cooking to prepare.
  • Do not get near or touch any downed power lines.

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