Time to Check Your Air Conditioners in Salt Lake

Salt Lake City, Utah - Checking your Cooling SystemNow’s the time to check your home air conditioner before the hot summer days. There are several things you can check yourself without calling for a certified technician. But it is always good to have your outside air conditioner condenser, as well as the blower unit, checked annually by iRepair Heating and Cooling.

Here are some easy steps to take for personal inspection of your air conditioning units.

  1. Check your circuit breakers to make sure nothing has been tripped during the winter months.
  2. Clean around your outside condenser unit. Make sure it is free from any plant growth or trash. Also take a water hose and hose off the coils.
  3. Put a new battery in your thermostat.
  4. Check your fan blower belt and make sure it doesn’t have any cracks.
  5. Put in a new air filter.
  6. Call iRepair Heating and Air to have them service the other aspects of your cooling system.

Now enjoy summer without worrying about the reliability of your cooling system. Remember iRepair Heating and Air services all the Salt Lake City area and they come out the same day you call.