Those At-Risk From High Heat

At Risk From High HeatThe extremes in temperatures can put people at risk, especially certain age groups. Those that need special attention during extreme hot summer days are children up to the age of 4, infants, elderly that are over 65 years of age, those that are overweight, people who are taking medication that causes your body to not perspire, such as antihistamines and sedatives, those who overwork themselves in the heat, those who exercise hard in the heat, people with poor circulation, those with a mental illness and those who are physically ill, especially those with heart disease or high blood pressure.

There are symptoms to look for with individuals who may be suffering from overheating. Muscle cramps or muscle spasms in the legs are initial signs that someone is not getting enough water. Another sign is your body temperature is normal but your skin is cold and clammy. You become extremely thirsty. Faintness or dizziness are also signs. The final and more severe is heat stroke. If you are to this point you are in serious trouble. Your body stops sweating. Your body temperature increases over 100 degrees. Your pulse is strong and rapid.

Ways to avoid risk from the heat are to wear light clothing.  Drink plenty of water. Avoid strenuous work or exercise in the heat. Take advantage of shade. Planting plenty of good shade trees, not only improves the beauty of your yard, but also, if planted around your home, keeps it cooler during the summer. Stay inside, out of the sun, in a nice air conditioned home. Good air circulation is important to keep a home cool during the heat of the day. Make sure that your air conditioner and blower are serviced before those hot summer days are upon you. Call iRepair Heating and Air to service and/or repair your air conditioner.