“My Furnace Just Broke down!”

Fixing a Furnace

Fixing your furnace

Typically when a furnace breaks down, it is usually not during a convenient time. More than likely it is during the coldest day of the winter.

Why do furnaces break down on those cold day? It is because they are working extra hard and are not in top condition to handle the added stress on the heating system. Much like an athletic who is running a race and is not in top shape to finish. I remember watching a particular marathon, and witnessing some runners just completely running out of energy why before the finish line. I can’t tell you their circumstances or stories, but it seemed apparent that they had not fully conditioned themselves to finish such a long race.

Your furnace is the same way. It is important to take care of it before that cold winter day hits. Here are a few very simple, yet important tips to keep your furnace in tip-top condition for those cold winter months.

  1. Change your furnace filters on a regular basis. A dirty filter, which restricts air flow, causes your furnace to work extra hard to push the air through the dirty filter. On the other hand a clean filter allows air to flow freely, with a lot less effort.
  2. Have your furnace inspected and maintained. Furnaces during peak seasons work hard to keep your home warm. The best time to have them inspected is just before the season begins. A qualified furnace professional like iRepair Heating and Air, will clean and adjust your furnace and check for any signs wear or cracks.
  3. Use only a qualified technician to service your furnace. You have many choices when deciding who to call. Do a little homework, and select a company that has been around for a while, is licensed and insured, and doesn’t have a history of low quality work. A company like iRepair Heating and Air, has a long-standing reputation, and has the experience to back them up.

Enjoy the comfort of a warm home by being proactive and getting your furnace service early before those winter months.