Lowering Your Blinds Reduces Utility Bill

Lowering your blinds can help to saving heating costs during the winter months, and cooling costs during the heat of the summer days.

Heat LossWhen it comes to heat or cold escaping from your home, your windows are the biggest contributor. Compared to your walls, ceilings and floors where you can insulate to save in lost heat or cold, windows lose the most heat during the winter, and coolness during the summer months.

So on hot summer days the sunlight from the sun comes through the windows and heats up the interior of your home. By closing your blinds, you reduce the sunlight, thus keeping your home cooler.

For the winter months, you’ll want to open your blinds on the side of the house to allow the sunlight to heat your home. This is called passive solar heating, and is a good way to conserve energy.

You may want to consider reflective blinds that reflect light and heat. This is especially good for the summer months.