Keeping Cooling Costs Down

Keeping Cool - Salt Lake CityAs we move through Spring and into Summer, now’s the time to consider some tips for keeping your cooling costs down.

Here’s a quick checklist of items to check:

  • Check your thermostat – Keep your thermostat at a higher temperature, as long as you are still comfortable.
  • Filter Replacement – Replace your air filters often. This will keep your cooling system efficient.¬†
  • Heat-Producing Appliances – Avoid using appliances that product a lot of heat. During the heat of the day, avoid using the oven, stove, clothes dryer, etc.
  • Fans – The use of fans to circulate the air is always an efficient use of cooling rooms.
  • Insulate – Adding additional insulation is always a good long-term strategy for reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • Trees – Plant trees to shade your home from the sun. This will help keep your home a lot cooler.
  • System Tune up – Get regular cooling system tune ups. iRepair Heating and Cooling and come right out to service your cooling system before the heat of the summer.

Source: Rocky Mountain Power