Fall – Time to Check Out Your Furnace

Furnace Checkup“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” ┬áThat is so true when it comes to your home heating system.

As the hot summer days start to take a back seat to the cooler fall days, now is the best time to have your furnace checkup. iRepair Heating and Air has a more open schedule to come out immediately to do a full check up of your heating system.

Some things you can check yourself:

  1. Replace the battery in your thermostat.
  2. Vacuum around your furnace, keeping it clean and dust-free.
  3. Replace your air filter.
  4. Open your furnace door. Clean area with a vacuum.
  5. Check your blower belt for wear or adjustment.
  6. If your furnace has a pilot, check to see that it is on and working.
  7. Clean and vacuum around and in all your air vents. Make sure they are unobstructed.

It is always good to have a furnace expert come out to check for serious issues like leaks or cracks in the furnace components. Call iRepair Heating and Air at 801-233-1564 and they will come right out.