Common Furnace Problems

Furnace ThermostatYour furnace is one of those appliances that you don’t think about unless a problem arises. Kind of “out of sight, out of mind.” Understanding the most common problems with furnaces can help you to avoid furnace problems all together. And when it comes to heating your home, you certainly don’t want a problem to come up when it is really cold outside.

Here are some of the more common issues that furnaces have:

  1. Thermostat – The thermostat is what controls your furnace “on and off” cycles and the temperature. When it gets to a certain temperature, it will turn on the heat source and then the fan. Most thermostats require a battery. It is good to change the battery at least annually. If the thermostat doesn’t seem to be working, first change the battery. If that doesn’t fix the problem, replace the thermostat.
  2. Air Flow – The furnace fan motor is what generates the flow of air through your furnace and out through the ducting system. Problems can arise from a worn belt, fan motor or bearings. It is important to have these checked annually by a qualified service technician. You can do an inspection yourself to determine if the fan belt has wear on it. If so, have it replaced. Some of the older furnaces require annual greasing of the bearings. You can do this yourself, or call iRpear to do it for you.
  3. Dirty Filter – This is a very common problem. Homeowners typically forget to change their furnace filters. A dirty filter causes the furnace system to work harder and be less efficient. Filters should be changed every couple of months.
  4. Pilot or Ignition System – This part of the furnace is what ignites the gas for each heating cycle. A common problem for pilot light furnaces is a faulty thermocouple. A thermocouple is a device that ensures that the pilot light is on before the gas is turned on. You certainly don’t want the gas to come on if it can’t be ignited. That would be extremely dangerous for the occupants of the home. iRepair can come out and check this and replace it for you.
  5. Lack of Maintenance – Where the furnace is constantly working day and night to keep your home heated, it needs regular maintenance checkups. They are not expensive and can assure that your furnace will stay operational all during the winter months. Call iRepair for an annual checkup.

To avoid these common problems with your furnace, it is important to have your furnace checked by iRepair at least annually. They will perform a complete all-point precision checkup, insuring that you and your loved ones can safely live in a heated and comfortable environment.