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Questar Gas Rebates – Salt Lake City, Utah

As a homeowner living in the Salt Lake area of Utah, you may not be aware of the great rebates that Questar Gas offers to homewners when you purchase and install an energy efficient furnace or air conditioner. In addition

Thermocouple – Temperature Sensor – How It Works – SLC, UT

Have you ever jumped into the shower to discover there is no hot water? Or turned on your furnace thermostat and nothing happens?  Chances are you have a bad thermocouple. So just what is a thermocouple, how does it work,

Water Heater – Save in Energy Costs

Understanding your water heater and how it works, can help you determine ways you can save in the long run in energy costs. Your water heater is one of your most costly appliances. Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Power.