My Air Conditioner Stopped Working!

It certainly is not convenient to have your home air conditioner stop working in the middle of a hot summer day. There are several things you should check first on your central air system before calling a service technician to come out and check your system.

  1. Check the circuit breaker to your air conditioning and furnace unit. If it has been tripped, then reset it. If it continues to trip, then you have an electrical issue that needs a service technician to diagnosis.
  2. Check your thermostat to make sure it is not set too high for the cooling unit to kick on.
  3. While at the thermostat check and replace the battery. The battery should be replace each year.
  4. Check the belt on the fan/blower unit to determine it is not broken or loose.
  5. Check the coils to see if they have  ice buildup on them. If so, leave your system off until the ice melts, then restart your system.
  6. Check your air filter to make sure it is not caked with a lot of dirt, not allowing the air to freely move through the filter.

After checking all of these items on the above list and everything seems okay, then give iRepair Heating and Air a call and they will come right out to assess the problem and get your home back into cooler temperatures.