Air Conditioner Condenser Thefts – Protection

air conditioner theftWith the price of copper and junk metals going up, there has surfaced a new type of theft, air conditioner condensers. These are the outside units of air conditioning systems. They have an electric motor with a lot of copper coiling, and are housed in a large metal casing.

The thefts don’t seem to be targeted in any particular industry. They are going after commercial, residential, and even large roof-top models. There are a few ways to safeguard against such thefts.

Steel or Iron Work Cage

A large outer housing cage can be installed and bolted to the cement slab, or cemented into the ground. This should be material that cannot be easily cut with a saw or bolt cutters.


There are actually alarm systems made for air conditioning condensers. Do some research to find the ones that are the best, and not prone to accidentally going off. Most of these systems can even contact the police. Check with your home security company for such devices.

Other Ideas

You can also do some other things that are not as expensive. Keep the area where the unit is located, well lit. Hide your unit with shrubbery, especially shrubbery with a lot of thorns. Padlock and chain the unit. This may not completely stop them, but it will slow them down. Build a fence around the unit. Or relocate the unit to a less accessible area.

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