Furnace Tune Up

Maintaining your furnace with regular furnace check ups is important to avoid the more costly repairs that can happen when a furnace is neglected and overlooked. You should have your furnace checked every year.

A furnace check up includes visual inspection of all parts and aspects of your furnace. Safety tests are performed on rate of fuel usage, clean burn, carbon monoxide gas levels and burner cracks. We will also check the blower to determine it is operating properly.

When it comes to your family's safety, it is important to have your furnace checked at least annually.
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Service Calls

When we are called to come out to determine the cause of your furnace's problem, we will do a full inspection of all components and systems to determine that they are working properly.

It is extremely important for us to determine safe carbon monoxide levels. Every year, on average, 170 people die in the US from household carbon monoxide poisoning. You can't be too safe protecting the lives of your family.

Having us come out and take care of issues immediately with your furnace and heating systems will protect your family from the hazards of a poor running furnace.
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Duct Cleaning

Having your heating and air ducts cleaned on a regular basis is important to assure your air is free from harmful particles which could cause respiratory issues.

Your home air ducts, over time, can accumulate mold, insects, dust and waste from rodents. If you or family members suffer from allergies, keeping your air ducts and furnace system clean can help to improve clean air.

Research also suggests that cleaning your heating and cooling ducts and components, may improve the efficiency of your furnace system, resulting in a cost savings and prolonging the life of your system.